Vansda National Park
Vansda National ParkVansda National Park
Lofty and luxuriant trees clothing the valleys and hills holding a wealth of wildlife, graceful streams celebrating the freedom to jump and dance, a variety of birds filling the forest with their melodious calls and among this picture of beauty the sight of a leopard adds a touch of excitement and adventure....Yes, Vansda National Park has it all to immerse you in nature's beauty and bliss.

About the Park

The area is bestowed with luxuriant moist deciduous forest with groves of 'Katas' bamboo and owes its beauty to no felling of trees since 1952. Established in 1979 and located in the Navsari District, Vansda National Park is a small but unique Protected Area. Nestled in the Western Ghats or Sahyadris it has a unique flora and fauna. Vansda lies close to the National Highway - 8 and is bisected by the Waghai-Vansda State Highway. It is about 45 km from Chikhii and 80 km from Valsad.

"Once the Tiger roamed here, it preyed on Sambar and Spotted Deer; Its lush forests and bamboo brakes are home to a variety of insects, birds and snakes When it rains, it seems eternal filling the streams with gushing waters, reptiles crawl and frogs croak, while missing the lost otters; Vansda is indeed a paradise on seeing a Racket-tailed Drongo will you realize..."

Vansda National Park
Forests & Flora

Vansda National ParkWith trees reaching a height of 120 ft. the forests of Vansda are dense and varied. With the rain gods being generous (over 2,000 mm rainfall), parts of the Park have moist deciduous forest with 'kaatas1 bamboo. Dry deciduous forest occurring in other areas has 'manvel' bamboo and adds to the diversity of habitats. The variety of plants (over 450 species!) keeps our eyes searching for more and leaves us content at the end of the day. Beautiful Orchids are a sight to behold thanks to their dainty and pretty flowers. Even a rotting log is decorated with ferns and mushrooms. The 'bracket fungus1 on logs and tree trunks will definitely catch your attention. You may also come across a wild relative of the banana plant.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in Vansda it's everywhere in different forms. Small creatures with their amazing diversity are the real treasures. Among these are over 60 species of butterflies and 121 species of spiders. The largest of the spiders of Gujarat - the Giant wood spider is common here. In fact, recently 8 new species of spiders were reported from Vansda. A trip here means getting lost in observing myriads of insects, centipedes, millipedes and snails. And to stop you in your tracks are the elusive snakes of which there are over 30 species. About 11 types of frogs and toads ensure that the snakes continue to thrive here.

Vansda National Park
For the bird-watcher too there are 115 species of birds including those found only in the Western Ghats like the Great Black Woodpecker, Malabar Trogon, Shama and Emerald Dove. Other noteworthy avian wonders include the Grey Hornbill, Racket-Tailed Drongo, Paradise Flycatcher, Leaf birds, Thrushes and Sunbirds. Although Vansda has lost the Tiger, Wild Dog, Otter, Sambar and Sloth bear; it still boasts a good diversity of mammals such as the Leopard, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Civets, Mongooses, Macaques, Barking Deer, Four-horned antelopes and the only herd of Spotted Deer in this part of the State.

Local Tribals

Vansda National ParkOne also comes across the local tribals who belong to Bhil, Gamit, Warli, Kokni, Kunbi and Dangi tribes. All the tribals have their unique culture and systems. Their dwellings and ways of life are indeed interesting to an anthropologist or even to a curious visitor.

Other Interesting Places
Those who are visiting Vansda National Park may also enjoy the pristine glory of Dang including.

.Gira Water falls adjoining to Vansda National Park
.Botanical Garden, Waghai;
.Bio-diversity Conservation centre at Botanical Garden
.Mahal forest ( Purna Game Sanctuary )
.Saputara ( 52 kms ) the only hill-station of Gujarat state,
.Hot-water spring at Unai.
.VANIL Udyog (Navtad) and wood workshop at Waghai.
Vansda National Park