Event Objective

  • To create a world-class Gujarat by optimal utilization of knowledge, skill and resources of Global NRGs
  • Connect to Global NRGs and bring them closer to their roots
  • Make NRGs feel the belongingness to their Motherland by helping them partner in its development
  • Conceive and implement effective schemes and programs to achieve the above goals
  • To keep alive Gujarati Culture & Tradition in the heart of NRGs
  • Create networking platform for NRGs in various states
  • 'Reconnect' via a 2 days Event/Exhibition covering Major Cities of India having substantial Gujarati Population
  • Create a nostalgia about Gujarat in the minds of NRGs
  • Familiarizing Gen-Next NRGs with their roots
  • Widening of Database and Outreach of NRG Foundation
  • Showcasing Cultural similarities and Healthy bonding of Gujarat & Rajasthan
  • Prepare Youth Wing and create database of Gujarati Youth
  • To acquaint NRGs about Gujarat's progress and the way forward

Activities of NRG Foundation :

GUJARAT CARD : Identity of Global Gujarati

  • Issued by GSNRGF.
  • Provides special value privileges of 588 variety venues for making their Gujarat visit memorable

VATAN SEVA : Acceptance Of Feelings

  • It's always proud to initiate to identify, recognize appreciate the contribution of NRGs in Gujarat's growth.
  • Vatan Seva Publications can be viewed from our website
  • Here, Take a Look of some multifarious activities..

NRG CENTRE : Local Linkage

  • Providing inclusive facilitation to NRGs, 6 NRG centers have been established at Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Mehsana, Anand
  • Assistance in various area like education, medical, tourism, accommodation, shopping, business opportunities etc

GUJARATI SAMAJ BHAVAN : Mini Gujarat out Side Gujarat

  • To promote Active Community gatherings for NRGs
  • Scheme Provides Financial assistance to Gujarati samaj all over India to build Gujarati Samaj Bhavan


  • Industrial Progress of Gujarat
  • Finance
  • Medical Tourism
  • Rich Culture of Gujarat
  • Authentic Gujarati Food
  • Handicrafts & Handloom Products
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Knowledge Sharing Opportunities
  • Strong Bonding of Gujarati Communities
  • Hospitality
  • Academia
  • Handicraft & Cultural Items
  • Art, Music & Paintings
  • Literature
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Unique varieties of Gujarat