Statistical Data of the Sector
.Gujarat handled majority share of 79.84% of traffic in India ‘s minor and intermediate ports in 2006-07 and 71.5% of the cargo traffic in India’s Non major ports.
.Gujarat handles 11.5% of the total cargo traffic in India’s major ports.
.The non major ports of Gujarat handled a cargo traffic of 147 million tons in 2007-08 an increase of 11.44% over the previous year.
.The total port capacity of Gujarat grew at 46.6% from 135 MMT in 2001 to 198 MMT in 2007-08.
.The total imports traffic handled during the year 2007-08 by the ports amounts to 86.75 million tons while that of exports traffic during the year is 50.10 million tons.
.Over and above, Container cargo of 124,1617 TEU has been handled in the year 2007-08.
.The total port capacity is 198 mmtpa and the total cargo handled is 147 mmtpa(2007-08).
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