List of Privatized Projects
Project Name &
Project TypeName of the DeveloperDistrictInvestment
(Rs crores) till year 2010
Current status
PipavavGreen Field portGujarat Pipavav
Port Ltd.
Pipavav, BhavnagarPh I - 586.27
Ph II - 1200.54
Ph III - 555.00
12.06Initially, development of port has been taken up in joint sector by the joint sector company M/s. Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. (GPPL) in which, 26 % of shares were with Gujarat Maritime Board. Later in 1998, GMB disinvested from the project and it has been decided to develop in private sector on BOOT basis.
Concession Agreement was executed on 30/09/98 with the company, to develop Pipavav port with 30 years BOOT period.
The port is operational since 1996.
A jetty of 725 mt. long for handling solid bulk and a jetty of 305 mt. long for handling liquid POL cargo was developed.
Mearsk, the international shipping line has made their base at the Port of Pipavav.
Broad-gauge rail connectivity provided by forming Separate Special Purpose Vehicle company (SPV) with Railway Ministry (GoI) partnership. Broad-gauge rail conversion of 270 km. from Surendranagar to Pipavav has been commissioned in May 2003.
Port Pipavav is the first in India to receive double-stacked container trains, which have a capacity of carrying 180 TEUs as against 90 TEUs carried in a single stack train.
Total Private Investment of Rs. 697 crores is realized.
GPPL has taken up expansion plant of the port and various development works are under progress.
HaziraLNG Driven PortSHELL India Ltd.Hazira, SuratPh I - 3193.20
PhII - 248.36
11.5As per the Port policy, Hazira port is being developed fully in private sector.
M/s. Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd., a company promoted by an international company M/s. Shell Gas B.V. for the development of Hazira Port.
The Port Project evolving development of LNG and other cargo facilities at an investment of Rs. 3792 crores.
The company has signed concession agreement on April 2002 with GMB/GoG, which is on BOOT basis.
On development of phase-1, the port would be able to handle about 16.50 MMTPA of various types cargoes viz. LNG, general dry bulk and container.
The company has completed construction of port assets viz. capital dredging of approach channel, turning area and berth pocket, Southern and Northern spur, reclamation and LNG berth etc.
The LNG terminal and Port Project was unveiled by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat in the presence of Union Petroleum Minister and others on 19/9/2003.
HPPL has signed Heads of Agreement with PSA International for the development of container terminal at Hazira.
Total investment of Rs. 2408 crores is made for the development of Hazira port.
MundraGreen Field PortGujarat Adani
Port Ltd.
KutchhPh I - 1438.65
Ph II 328.10
Ph.III- 985.30
Ph IV- 1009.20
Ph V- 1213.0
Total- 4974.25
Plus AREcost
14M/s. Gujarat Adani Port Ltd. (GAPL) is developing the Mundra port.
A Concession Agreement for development of the port on BOOT basis was signed between Government of Gujarat/ Gujarat Maritime Board and GAPL in February 2001.
Company has constructed 4 multipurpose berths and commenced cargo operation from September 1998. Ships up to 80000 DWT can berth at the jetty.
For handling of cargo, conveyor system having 18000 M. Tones Per day capacity have been installed at the jetty.
The port has been operational since, 1998.
The company has established broad gauge rail link of 57 km. at an investment of Rs.136
crores, with the port and commissioned in 2002. The port has also facilities of double
stacked container rail.
In Phase-I development container berth of 632 m long berth is completed and put into
operation since July, 2003. The construction of remaining portion of container berth is
under final stage of construction
The company has completed construction of T-2 bulk cargo terminal at the port and it will
be operational soon.
For operation and development of container terminal the company has associated in May
2003 with P & O - an international container terminal operator, which has brought foreign
investment of Rs.1400 crores in terminal development.
The company has set up 1 SPM for import of crude oil.
The total port project would be developed at an investment of @ Rs.2151 crores.
Total Private Investment of Rs. 1374 crores is realized.
PositraGreen field portSumitomoJamnagarPh.I- 2104.17
Ph.II 861.37
Ph.III -
Total 3888.04
26M/s Gujarat Positra port co. Ltd., a Jt. Venture port developer Company has been formed. Land acquisition for the port project is in advance stage.. Land bifurcation is as follows: . Private-3951 acres; Govt- 2575 acres ,Forest-1854 acres. The project is awaiting Environmental clearance.
MaroliGreen field port-ValsadPh.I- 699.18
Ph.II 246.68
Ph.III- 54.00
Ph IV- 38.00
Total – 1037.85
8.7Expression of Interest has been invited for the development of the port.
DahejLNG ProjectPetronet LNG Ltd.Lakhigam,
LNG Terminal-3000
Solid cargo : Terminal A -136.40
Terminal B- 130.2
Terminal C- 129.2
5A joint sector company M/s. Petronet LNG Ltd., have been formed by Oil sector PSU's of
Government of India for development of the port. All PSUs holding 12.50 % equity in the
The project have been envisaged an investment of Rs.3130 crores.
LNG terminal have been operational since February 2004. The terminal has a capacity of 5 MMTPA LNG handling.
The company has made an investment of Rs. 2800 crores.
The company has undertaken expansion of LNG storage facilities at the port
The company has also planned to built additional LNG berth at Dahej port for which MOU has been signed in Vibrant Gujarat 2007.

DholeraGreen field portJ. K. White cement Ltd.Dholera-Bavaliari
Ph.I- 239.6
Ph.II 73.4
Ph.III- 73.4
Ph IV- 73.4
Ph V- 108.60
8GMB has issued LoI to M/s. Dholera Port Ltd. (a group of companies of JK white cement).
Company has prepared a Detailed Project Report for development of Dholera Port which is approved by GMB. Recently, the company has obtained Environment Clearance for the project and now, they will implement the project.
SimarGreen field port-Amreli-JunagadhPh.I- 1660.46
Ph.II 411.56
Ph.III -
Total 2072.03
14GMB has issued LOI to M/s Shaporji Palonji group of companies. DPR is under progress.
MithivirdiGreen field port-BhavnagarPh.I- 410.70
Ph.II 92.70
Ph.III -
Total 503.40
-Expression of Interest has been invited for the development of the port.
VansiborsiGreen field port-SuratPh.I- 245.76
Ph.II 16.20
Ph.III 12.95
Total 274.91
-Expression of Interest has been invited for the development of the port.
BediGreen field port-JamnagarPh.I- 2365.48
Ph.II 540.34
Ph.III -
Total 2905.82
-Expression of Interest has been invited for the development of the port.
MahuvaBrownfield port-Bhavnagar--GMB has issued LOI to M/s Nirma chemical Industries. DPR is under progress.
SutrapadaGreen field Port-Junagadh--GMB has issued LOI to M/s L&T Ltd. DPR is under progress.