Landmark Decisions
The Gujarat Port Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (GPIDCL) The Gujarat Port Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. was instituted as the investing arm of the Gujarat Maritime Board for the routing of equity into the New Joint sector ports. The new port policy declared in 1995 has stated that four ports along the coast of Gujarat will be developed in joint venture with private sector. Gujarat Maritime Board, in association with Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd., has set up a company viz. Gujarat Ports Infrastructure & Development Company Ltd. to give a boost to the port sector in Gujarat region. The profile of the company would be to act as a promotion agency for co-ordination development for various ports and would make equity investments in ports that would be developed as private or joint sector ports. GPIDCL intends to achieve the following three basic objectives :
.To act as equity partner in Joint sector ports (26%) as well as private sector ports (11%) as a representative of Govt. of Gujarat to generate confidence and sense of state’s commitment in the minds of private investors.
.To mobilize resources and develop port related infrastructure like terminals, berths/jetties, break water, maintenance of navigation channel, roads/rail/pipeline linkages, colonies, warehouses, tank farms, workshop facilities, office premises, container freight stations and other necessary supporting infrastructure required for running of a port and the region.
The investments in the project may be in revenue generating viable projects and/or those which do not offer commercial returns but are crucial to the integrated development of the port and the region. The company also intends to develop a robust information base and skill set to act as a reliable port sector advisor for all the port sector entities. Thus the company would be engaged in bid floating and evaluation, financial, technical and legal appraisal of port and port related infrastructure projects, pre-feasibility studies, identifying projects that would aid ports and port development, traffic surveys and projections, marketing of port services, resource mobilization, etc.
Setting up of port regulatory authority is under active consideration by Government of Gujarat