Main Features of Sardar Sarovar Yojana
1Length of main concrete gravity dam1210.00 m
2Maximum height above deepest foundation level163.00 m
3Top R.L. of dam.146.50 m
4Catchments area of river above dam site88,000 Sq. km
5Live storage capacity 0.58M.Ha.m(4.7 MAF)
6Length of reservoir
Maximum width
Average Width
214.00 km
16.10 km
1.77 km
7Spillway gates
Chute Spillway
Service Spillway

7 Nos. 60' x 60'
23 Nos. 60' x 55'
8Spillway Capacity84949.25 cumecs
(30 lakh cusecs)
Power Houses
1River bed power house1200 MW
2Canal head power house250 MW
Canal System
Main Canal
1Full supply level (F.S.L.) at H.R.91.44 m (300 ft)
2Length upto Gujarat - Rajasthan border458.00 km
3Base width in head reach73.01 m
4Full supply depth (F.S.D.) in head reach7.60 m
5Design discharge capacity
(1) In head reach1133 cumecs
(40,000 cusecs)
(2) At Gujarat Rajasthan border71 cumecs
(2,500 cusecs)
Distribution System
1Numbers of Branches38
2Length of distribution system network66000.00 km
3Culturable Command Area18.45 lakh hectares