Leading as Second in ‘Green Revolution’ – Gujarat has achieved Agricultural Growth table at 9.6% and have carved a niche in the field of Agricultural Development in India. As of 2009, Gujarat’s agriculture growth rate has been three times more than the national growth rate.

The department is confident to change the lives of farmers with its Agriculture Policies and the unique Initiative of the ‘Krushi Mahotsav’ in the State. In 2001, the State was on verge of less water resources but today, it stand as World’s biggest water resource Narmada Canal. Where the dust took to wind storm, there are green fields and where the farmers tilled the land with 1-2 crops, they have sort for 3-4 crops. Continuous hard work of seven years and planned efforts of the Government have resulted in Green Revolution taking shape in Gujarat.

Agriculture in Gujarat
Gujarat Agro vision 2010 envisages improving the quality of life of the rural population, including those who are resource poor, by widening their employment opportunities and increasing their income. 63% of the population of Gujarat lives in rural areas and depends for its livelihood on agriculture and the rural non-farm sector that is interlinked with agriculture. The Government is sensitive to the role of Agriculture in Economic development with a vision.
.Greater wealth creation for farmers and farm labourers
.Offer a sustainable increase in productivity
.Ensures Food Security
.Offer higher value addition to agricultural produce and exports
.Conservation of Water resources through micro irrigation
The vision seeks to accelerate demand driven agricultural and agro industrial growth in the new globalized agricultural environment. The goal for Gujarat agriculture is to become a world-class producer and supplier in the crops where it enjoys competitive advantage.

The government envisages Agriculture promotion through focused agricultural research, and application of biotechnology, information technology and ecotechnology. Conservation of soil, water and biodiversity is the prime concerns to be environmentally sustainable. As a result, a separate Department for ‘Climate Change’ is set up as a major challenge to Humanity.

Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation (GAIC), which promotes agricultural activities at the ground level and fosters the development of agro industries in the state, is a manifest example of the forward-looking policies of the state.
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"Agriculture is locomotive of our economy and a prosperous rural economy based on agriculture will ultimately make the nation prosperous"
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel