History of Gujarat
Kathiawad ma kok di bhulo pad Bhagwan… The land of Saints, Religious Heads, Brave Men, this land Kathiawad, the land of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the land of Devotee Poet Narsinh Mehta who taught the lesson of untouchability removal years back and the poet of the song, Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye Je Pid Parai Jane Re…, the only abode of the Asiatic Lions in Gir forest and the thrilling experience by hearing the road of the lion.

Rajkot at the Balcony of History

Rajkot city was established on the bank of River Aji in the year 1610. Thakor Vibhaji of that time founded this city. It was the state having 282 Sq. Miles and 64 villages. In 1720, the Deputy Inspector of Sorath region Masum Khan defeated Thakor Meramanji, the 2nd and took possession of Rajkot and kept the name of Rajkot as Masumabad. Again in 1732, Ranmalji, the crown prince of Thakor Meramanji, put Masum Khan to death to take revenge of his father and won Rajkot. With this victory, the name of the city was once again kept Rajkot.

During the British Rule, in the year of 1822, a British Agency was established and it was given the name Kathiawadi Agency. The present Kothi Compound area, which houses the Customs and Railway offices, used to be the office and residence of the British Political Agent at that time. At that time, the area inside the Raiya Naka Tower – Bedi Naka Tower was the area of Rajkot, while the present Sadar area was of the Agency. Rajkot was linked with Wankaner through railways in the year 1889. In 1893, Rajkot was connected with Jetalsar by Railway line. Meter Gauge Railway Line of that time was passing thru the present life line like Dhebar Road.

To supply water to Rajkot, through established on the bank of Aji, Lalpari Lake was built in the year 1895. Dairy and a Stable were established after two years. The first meeting of the Kathiawad Rajkiya Parishad in Rajkot, in the year 1921 and in 1923, by establishing the first association of representatives, Thakor Saheb Lakhajiraj made the administration people friendly.