History of Gujarat
Vanraj Chavda established a new city as the capital on Samvat 802 Vaishakh Sud - 2 and named it Anahilpur after the name of a Bharwad called Anahilla. This same Anahilla Pataka Pattan, that is, Anahilvad Patan was famous as the capital of Vanraj Chavda and Solanki dynasty. There after Patan had brave kings like Bhimdev first, Siddharaj Jaysinh and Kumarpal, intelligent counsellors viz Munjal Mehta, Udayan, Vastupal-Tejpal and learned Pandits like Kalikal Sarvagna Hemchandracharya, Shantisoori and Shripal.

Two historical monuments of Patan, having important place in Gujarat’s history, Sahashtraling Sarovar (lake) and Rani’s Vaav built in the memory of queen Udaymati, wife of king Bheemdev First have been placed in the national monuments list because of their magnificent history and high level architectural values.

Besides this, Hemchandracharya library, the Jain temples, Kalika Mataji’s temple from the time of Siddhraj Jaysinh are also important. During the Vadodara rule also, Patan had a prominent place. Besides this Radhanpur taluka which was included in the newly-created district was the Empire of the Nawab of Babi dynasty. Siddhpur city is famous for Rudramahalay and Matra Shraddh. The Jain temple of Parshvanath dada at Shankheshvar village of Sami taluka has prominent importance.

The Patola of Patan has been part of the social life of Gujarat for past seven centuries. The valuable Patola of Patan has been attracting thousands of the tourists as the time passes by days and years. The tourists visiting Patan get spell bound on observing the best craft of hand weaving. “Padee Patole Bhat… Fate Pan Feete Nahin” those who have quoted such saying about the Patola are talking about the expertise of the special handicraft of the Salvee family of Patan. The Patolas of Patan are made from the purest silk and woven on the conventional handloom which is like a feather in the cap of the district Patan.

Ancient capital of Gurjar Khand and cultural centre Anahilvad Patan is famous for its golden history, noble cultural heritage, architecture, folk art and handicraft of Patola.