History of Gujarat
Introduction : If we start with the mythological era then out of the mythological cities found in the present state of Gujarat one is Dwarika on the western sea coast, which was established by Lord Krishna and the other is our Vadanagar ( Aanartnagar or Anandnagar, the capital of the Aanart region ). As per the mythology Sharyati, son of Manuvaivasvat got the south west part of Bharatkhand ( Aryavrat ). Sharyati’s son Aanart established Aanartnagar. This state extended to Shreemal and Bhinnamal regions of Rajasthan including present region of north Gujarat. The capital of Aanart state was Aanartnagar or Anandnagar ( Vadanagar ).

In the “Skandh Purana” this state is shown as the “Hataka Teerth”. As the memorial of it there is a temple of Hatakeshwar Mahadev. Vadnagar has been famous as the education centre. In the olden times its limit extended till Visnagar. It seems that Nagars have been living in this region since the year 226 A. D.It seems that the word Gujarat was arrived at as a corrupt word of the original Sanskrit word ‘Gurjar. At the time the downfall of Gupta dynasty Gurjar leaders came from the north west of the Bharat region through the Sindh and Rajputana (Rajasthan) after getting freedom. As per the historians they used to rule from Sindh to the regions of Rajasthan. During this time in the 3rd and 4th century Kings of Maurya dynasty ruled over the Kathiyavad and in Junagadh the governor appointed by Ashoka used to rule. After Ashoka, Saurashtra – Gurjar Rashtra came under control of Greek Bactrian kings.

These kings ruled for hundred years. Thereafter rule of Indo - Parthiyan dynasty started. Out of the kings of that dynasty, Chandragupta Vikramaditya came up to Bharuch and conquered Gujarat – Saurashtra in the year 257 A. D. Bhattark, the commander of the army of Gupta dynasty, established Vallabhi state by colonizing Saurashtra Vallabhpur in the year 340 A. D Still the ruins of the Vallabhipur are found depicting its greatness. In the year 614 A. D. Sethians attacked on Shiladitya, the last king of this dynasty and took control of his kingdom.

One Rajput youth who had fled from Vallabhipur and made Panchasar village his capital, near Sami was spreading his rule in the nearby regions. He was from the Chavada dynasty. In the year 696 the only king of Gurjar Rashtra who fought even after he was beheaded, was the king Jayshikhari Chavada. During this time king Bhuvad of Solanki dynasty ruled over Kannauj. Shankar Barot, who was a poet, praised about the Panchasar state in the court of Bhuvad Solanki. On hearing the greatness and fame of the state of king Jayshikhari, Bhuvad attacked on Panchasar and after killing Jayshikhari took control of Panchasar.