History of Gujarat
The heirs of Chavada dynasty kept on ruling on the throne of Moregarh one after the other. Punjaji Chavada, the last king till then, on developing conflicts with the Jadejas of Kutchh left Moregarh and prepared a list of 84 villages in Dharapur village near Vadodara. At that time the last king of Gujarat, King Karansinh Vaghela was ruling there. That time Allauddin Khilji came to conquer Gujarat. He conquered Gujarat and continued the traditional capital of Gujarat and Hindus in Anhilwad Patan. At that time the state of Punjaji Chavada was included in the state of Allauddin Khilji. Allauddin Khilji appointed his brother in law Malek Sanjar with the title of Alpkhan ( Bahadur Khan ). This Alpkhan had later repaired the fort of Kadi. This side because of the loyalty of Punjaji Chavada he made Punjaji Chavada the commander of his army. When Allauddin Khilji was in Anhilwad Patan there were nine Jagirs in existence. When Vihal Plunderer had attacked Patan on getting irritated by the terror of Vihal Plunderer, Allauddin Khilji announced that whoever will kill this plunderer will get the Anhilwad state.

Here the brave and clever Punjaji took the responsibility of catching Vihalvad. He camped in Ambasan along with 16000 soldiers to ruin Vihals and the nine Jagirs of Vihalvad. After killing Dehdil in Dabhala, Mahipal Vihal in Gojharia, Lalvihal in Lodara village, Vachchhraj Vihal in Varsoda village, Akheraj Vihal in Abod village and Uderaj in Anodia village and Udayraj and Dangarava he could win the seven Jagirs. But on failing in defeating Jodhas of Peelvai and Dhandhumal of Vadosan he came back helplessly to Allauddin Khilji at Patan. Here, because Punjaji had won seven Jagirs out of the nine Jagirs, Allauddin Khilji was happy and gifted the whole Vihalvad region to Punjaji. Further he gifted 52 additional villages as a prize. Out of these villages Punjaji Chavada gifted some villages to Bhat – Charans and his assistants. The Gadhavis got Devrasan and Shobhasan from Punjaji Chavada. Punjaji Chavada settled in Ambasan, made it his capital and died after ruling continuously for 46 years of his whole life.

Punjaji Chavada had two sons.
1. Mesaji Chavada
2. Vanveerji Chavada
Mesaji Chavada had constructed the arc gate of Mehsana in Vikram Samvat 1414, Bhadarva Sud Dasam.