History of Gujarat
At this time Roopsundari, queen of Jayshikhari, was pregnant. She went towards the hills of Saurashtra and was saved by one Bhil woman. In the forest the queen gave birth to a son on “Vaishakh Sud Poonam”. As the child was born in the forest he was named Vanaraj. When Vanraj was only six months old, some Jain priest came there and got to know about the queen and son of Jayshikhari, he took both of them to his Upashraya. As the time passed, on growing up, with the help of his uncle Surpal, Vanaraj started harassing the Solanki kings to take revenge of his father. In the Vikram Samvat 802 ( year 746 A. D. ), Chaitra Vad – 2 he colonized a village by the name of Anhilvad Patan near Panchasar and made it his capital and started extending the limits of his state. There after his heirs were Vanraj, Yogaraj, Kshemraj, Bhuvad, Virsinh, Ratnaditya, and Samantsinh.

In the Vikram Samvat 998 ( year 942 A. D. ) king Samantsinh of Chavada dynasty was ruling, he was very fond of drinking liquor. He used to throw lemon, if the lemon got caught he would make his nephew Moolraj Solanki sit on the throne and if the lemon fell he would make him get up off the throne. On being insulted repeatedly in the court he could not tolerate and by holding the lemon at the point of the spear, killed his uncle Samantsinh and sat on the throne of Patan. At that time Samantsinh had one son who was 12 years old. Samantsinh’s wife Bhatirani took his son to her parental home, Jaisalmer, because she feared that on knowing about the son of Samantsinh, Moolraj might kill his son Ahipat ( Ahivanraj ) and she will loose her son. With this fear she went to her brother’s shelter. Ahipat or Ahivanraj was brought up at his uncle’s place, Jaisalmer. Ahipat who was brought up at Jaisalmer, was given the honour of Rana and he came to Moregarh in Kutchh where he established his capital ( At present there is no village by the name of Moregarh in Kutchh but the Chavadku pond which was dug by Chavada is still there ) and started ruling over the near by villages.

As the time passed, Ahipat Chavada started plundering against Moolraj Solanki to get his father’s kingdom back and set his impact in Kutchh – Saurashtra and Patan. After Ahipat his son Vikramsinh Chavda set on the throne of Moregarh and repeatedly attacked the Solankis of Patan. Vikramsinh Chavda had eight sons; 1. Vijay Karansinh, 2. Shardulji, 3. Sheshkaranji, 4. Vaghraj, 5. Akheraj, 6. Jetsinh, 7. Karmsinh, 8. Lakhansinh. Out of his eight sons the youngest son Kunvar Lakhansinh set on the throne after Vikramsinh Chavda.Out of two sons of Lakhansinh his younger son Vasantsinhji’s heirs are still in Kutchh.