History of Gujarat
Bharuch District, situated on the Bank of River Narmada, the lifeline of Gujarat, holds special position in the industrial development of Gujarat and India. Arabian Sea touches it on its west side. The green region can be seen as the river Narmada passes through the district. The Bharuch district looks beautiful with the forests and the charming lands on the river banks covered by greeneries. The history of the district holds unique characteristics since the ancient age, in which Pandavas had spent some time in the forest and the hilly regions of Zagadia and Valia during their exile at the time of Mahabharata. It is supported by the ancient scriptures.
The Bharuch district holds a leading position in the history and the tradition of Gujarat. The Bharuch region is a special region having ancient culture.

Bharuch is blessed by the holy river Narmada, one of the seven big rivers of our country. It has the maximum number of the religious places and temples when compared to other districts of the Gujarat state. Considered as one of the huge ventures of the world, the multi faceted Saradar Sarovar Dam scheme, which is called as the lifeline of Gujarat, when completed, it will change the whole scenario of the Gujarat state and will serve as the life saving drug for the land and the people of the Gujarat which is unless deprived due to the situation of draught The industrial area of the Ankleshwar spread over 2600 hectares is considered as the largest industrial area of Gujarat and it is leading in the whole Asia.As per the ancient culture the region of Bharuch is linked with the Bhragus of these ancient times. The description of Bhragukutchh can be seen in the Jatakas written in the fifth century B. C. and also in Sabha Parva of Mahabharata.

The priests of the Narmada were famous for their learning in the other regions too. As per the mythological stories, Agnihotri and Samvedi, the learned priests of Shukaltirtha were famous up to the Kashi in the northern India. In the first century A. D. Bharuch port has been mentioned as Barigaza. Bharuch which was prosperous and powerful port was an important port of Gujarat till the 16th century. Arab traders used to enter Gujarat via Bharuch and do their business. British, Valandas etc. accepted the importance of Bharuch and established their business centre here. At the end of the 17th century, it was plundered twice but resurged quickly after the plunder and a proverb was also phrased for it, “Bhangyu Bhangyu Toye Bharuch”.