GR of NRI Division (Establishment of NRI Division)
Creation of a separate Division
For Non-Resident Indians
Affairs under G.A.D.
Resolution No. MKM-1898-UCR-33-KH
General Administration Department,
Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
Dated 8th May, 1998.

A good number of Gujarati's have traditionally gone abroad and have settled there permanently. They have acquired wealth as well as knowledge and skills about the latest developments all over the world. They are very keen to use their knowledge, skills as well as wealth for the betterment of their homeland. Although, the NRIs are making certain efforts on their own initiative in the fields of development, education and investment in India, there is no formal and organized link between the NRIs and the Government of Gujarat.

The need for such a link is very keenly felt by the government. Such a link should be on permanent basis and, hence, there should be a Division/Cell to start with. This division/cell will receive a lot of requests/proposals and ideas from the NRIs. They will have to be very promptly looked into by the Government. Necessary follow-up steps will have to be taken. Since speedy and coordinated approach is of paramount importance to deal with this matter, there should be an NRIs Division under the direct supervision of Chief Secretary and Chief Minister.

Government is pleased to create a separate Division for NRIs Affairs under the General Administration Department. The duties of the Division shall be as mentioned below
.Establish contact with organization of NRI Gujarat is abroad to inform them about the arrangements made to entertain their idea and requests.
.Make arrangements to supply latest thinking of the Government and other important legal decisions perhaps by opening a chapter in the internet website.
.Set up mechanism to require and deal with the requests and suggestions from NRIs.
.Set up working modalities with District officials and Secretaries for early redressal of requests from NRIs.
.Liaise with Central Government and other States if need be.
The Division for NRIs Affairs will consist of the following personnel:-
Sr. No.Name of the PostNo. of Posts
1Secretary to Govt. in Super-time Scale of IAS.ONE
2Under Secretary to Government.ONE
3Section OfficerONE
6Computer OperatorONE
.The expenditure in this regard should first be obtained from the advance sanctioned from Contingency Fund. Thereafter the expenditure may be adjusted against the following budget need Demand No. 32 – Major Head: 2052-Secretariat General Services-Minor Head: 060 Secretariat. Sub-Head-2 General Administration Department.
.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department dated 1-5-1998 on this department file of even number.
By order and in the name of the Governor of Gujarat

(J. S. Dave)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat,
General Administration Department
Copy to:-
- The Secretary to Non. Governor, Raj Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
- Secretary to Chief Minister, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
- P.S. to All Minister / All State Ministers / All Deputy Minister, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
- Deputy, Secretariat to Chief Secretary, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.