Drip Irrigation
Many villages in Gujarat have adopted 100% drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to water crops. In June 2009, more than 93,000 farmers in Gujarat have adopted drip irrigation for their total 1.51 lakh hectare land.. Drip Irrigation system and inter-linking of 21 rivers of the state for conservation of water has made it possible for record Sugarcane cultivation in the state.

GGRC is aimed to promote Micro Irrigation System (MIS) to the farmers of Gujarat as an implementing agency on behalf of Government of Gujarat (GoG) and Government of India (GoI) to bring 2nd Green Revolution in consonance with the Agriculture policy of Gujarat Vision 2010 so as to save water and energy, besides multiple benefits to improve Agricultural productivity and farmer’s prosperity at large.

The GAIC and APMC adopts various programs and schemes for the Agriculture and Horticulture segment for investments and other processing subsidies in the Food Processing Sector. Agri implement service help is provided by the government for open pipelines and purchase of Tractors, etc. Bio gas subsidies are offered with loan application.
For More Information: http://www.ggrc.co.in