Gujarat card introduced

The Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis' Foundation (NRG Foundation) is issuing GUJARAT CARD to the Non-Resident Gujaratis living outside the State. Such cardholders would get special attention from the Gujarat Government agencies while dealing with them. In addition, the cardholders would be in a position to avail of the facilities of the NRG Bhavan set up by the NRG Foundation,and will also be able to avail of several rebates/discounts on purchases etc. being negotiated by the NRG Foundation.All the District Collectors have been authorized to issue Gujarat Cards.

Financial Aid for Gujarati Samaj Bhavan

The Government of Gujarat has introduced a scheme for Non- Resident Gujaratis' to extend financial assistance to Gujarati Samaj upto Rs.10.00 lacs to build or expand the Gujarati Samaj bhavan or buildings. Such financial support has been extended to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur in Maharashtra, Salem in Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari in Kerala, and Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Vatan Seva Project

Govt. of Gujarat have floated several schemes donation from the public are accepted, Several NRGs who have attachment to their homeland have offered donation for school/college buildings, Entrance Gate, Hospital, Temple, Electricity House, water pump, etc. A book has been published by the Foundation to circulate the details of donors amongst Non Resident Gujaratis'. The book is available on our website

Gujarati Diaspora

The Foundation is sponsoring every year the Gujarati Diaspora seminar arranged by Various universities of the State. NRGF sponsors this seminar to facilitate research on the Gujarati Diaspora.

Awareness about NRI marriages

Recently, a book has been published by the Foundation on marriages to NRIs. The book contains details of important matters to be considered before wedding to NRI. The book is useful for the welfare of public. This can be viewed on our website main idea is to bring public awareness about what precautions should be taken before marriage,status of married woman under foreign laws, rules of prevention of harassment etc.